Coagulometer Chrom-7


We present the coagulometer Chrom-7, which makes it possible to execute the tests of the coagulational system, for which the referencial method is the usage of the chrom substrate. It executes also all basic coagulational determinations  (PT, APTT, TT, Fibrinogen).

The analyzer Chrom-7 is the semiautomated, having 3 paths and 1 channel instrument, which allows quick, cheap and simple way of executing determinations.


Zakres badań:

  • PT (time, index PT, index Quick, INR)
  • APTT (time, ratio)
  • TT (time, ratio)
  • Fibrinogen (g/l)
  • AT III  (% activity)
  • Plazminogen
  • Protein C
  • Alfa-2-antyplazmin  (a2 – AP)
  •  HEP anty-Xa
  • D - Dimer (µg/l)

For all determinations the tested material (sample) is taken and prepared as in case of the typical coagulational determinations !


Technical Parametrs

  • pomiar w metodzie "mikro" - 50 µl materiału i odczynnik
  • measurement in the „micro-method” – 50μl of the sample and the reagents  
  • automatic reading of the result
  • the storage of the final results calibration curves and referential values in the memory supply after the disconnection  
  • reagents for coagulation – open system
  • automatic systems of the turbidity compensation (the possibility of the determination of lipemic, hemolysed and icteric plasmas)
  • compensation of the sample and cuvette fogging
  • short period of the determination:30-60s
  • programming of the measures
  • word display LCD (in English)
  • automatic numbering of the patients
  • built-in clock with date-marker
  • connector RS232 for the printer or computer’s network
  • microprocessor inspection of the technical condition of the instrument  
  • dimensions:23cm x 30cm x 10cm
  • weight:3,5kg. 


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