Coagulometer CC-4000


bioksel 6000
We present 5 channels coagulometer CC-4000, which executes all basic coagulational determination by chronometrical method, method of the usage of chrom substrate and immunochemical method (D-dimer).


Range of  determination

I.     Basic coagulology:

  • PT+Fibrinogen  (INR, time, index PT, index Quick, Fibrinogen with PT)
  • APTT (time, ratio)
  • TT (time, ratio)
  • Fibrinogen (Clauss method - g/l, mg/dl)
  • Factors.     

II.   Chromogenic substrate:

  • AT III  (% activity)
  • Plasminogen
  • Protein C
  • Alfa-2-antyplasmin  (a2 – AP)
  • HEP anty-Xa

III.  D-Dimer:

For all determinations the tested material (sample) is taken and prepared  as in  case  of  the typical basic coagulation determinations !


Technical parameters

  • Measurements: - length of the light wave: 405 nm - „micro-method” – 50μl of the sample and the reagents
  • automatic reading of the result
  • automatic zero rotation 
  • storage of 4000 final results, 34 various calibration curves and referential values in the memory supply after the disconnection
  • automatic systems of the turbidity compensation (the possibility of the determination of lipemic, hemolysed and icteric plasmas)
  • compensation of the sample and cuvette fogging
  • automatic calibration curves with memory and reference values
  • short period of the determination for substrata and D-dimer: 30-180s 
  • programming of the measures, types of results and prints.
  • bar code
  • optional: mouse, keyboard
  • Display: - graphic in English, 4 stop-watches of the incubation, built-in clock with date-marker, functions: „Stand-by”
  • Printer: - built-in quick thermal printer 110mm, printing of the summary,filed results, calibration curves, course of the reaction, control and norms time, indexation of the beyond standards
  • Others: - connector RS232 for the connection with computer’s network • connector USB for barcode leader. 

Reagents: Bio-KselSystem line or Bio-Ksel Eko line - complete lines of reagents, controls and calibrators.

Dimensions: 43cm x 37cm x 12cm,  weight: 5 kg




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