Automatic coagulation analyzerbioksel 6000


bioksel 6000

We present   automated  blood  coagulation analyzer bioksel 6000 which executes all basic coagulation determination by chronometrical method, method of the usage of chrome substrate and immunochemical method.

The unit is appropriated for middle-sized and big analytic laboratories, which along with the basic coagulology execute also determinations for ATIII, D-Dimer etc.


Range of  determination

I.     Basic coagulology:

  • PT+Fibrinogen  (INR, time, index PT, index Quick, Fibrinogen with PT)
  • APTT (time, ratio)
  • TT (time, ratio)
  • Fibrinogen (Clauss method - g/l, mg/dl)
  • Factors.     

II.   Chromogenic substrate:

  • AT III  (% activity)
  • Plasminogen
  • Protein C
  • Alfa-2-antyplasmin  (a2 – AP)
  • HEP anty-Xa

III.  D-Dimer:

For all determinations the tested material (sample) is taken and prepared  as in  case  of  the typical basic coagulation determinations !


Technical parameters

  • original sample was removed from the centrifuge
  • lack of effect of contamination - a separate needle dispensing to plasmas and reagents
  • bidirectional communication - signs ordering and receiving lab results via a computer network, the ability to connect an external printer
  • single or the doubles tests or any number of repetitions
  • the ability to automatically repeat the measurements outside the reference range
  • performance: PT+Fibrinogen - 60 tests per hour, APTT - 40 test per hour
  • automatic calibration curves with memory and reference values
  • automatic turbidity compensation method (ability to measure plasmas
  • lipemic, hemolysed, icteric)
  • quality control program with memory and Levey-Jenninks charts print graphs
  • computer – built in the analyzer
  • bar code
  • 15” LCD monitor with touch screen
  • optional: outside A4 laser printer, mouse, keyboard
  • light sources – Light Emitting Diodes 405 nm

Reagents: Bio-KselSystem line or Bio-Ksel Eko line - complete lines of reagents, controls and calibrators.

Dimensions: 70cm x 50cm x 40cm,  weight: 35 kg


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